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INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS is a student travel agency and tour operator specialized in international education. We were founded in 1989 but before this we were already known for our experience in working with language schools mainly in the UK which is still our main destination. We send around 1,600 students abroad every year to 24 different countries and at least 55% of these students go to the UK.We send students in groups in January and July when they travel accompanied by our excellent team of group leaders and also individually throughout the year. We send students not only to language programs but also to specialized courses such as Business, Marketing, Advertising, Fashion, Photography, Art & Design, etc. ; to Teacher Training and Celta courses; to VIth Form and International Bacalaureate courses, to Sports programs and also to undergratuate, postgraduate and MBA courses. We send students to 20 different cities in the UK as we believe that there is no better place or school for all students. Each school and city caters for a different type of person and our staff is very well trained to offer the best options according to what each student wants. We are very proud of our staff who is mostly composed of teachers who have lived in the UK and know a lot about its Education system and way of life. They are passionate about Education and care a lot for the students , preparing them to understand the major differences between our culture and the British one. We book accommodation , flights, insurance, help students with visas, and have a 24-hour emergency free phone so that they can always talk to us in case they need. INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS has three offices in Rio de Janeiro and many representatives all over Brazil . We are now opening franchises around the country.

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