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We are fortunate to be able to share this little story with you! Everything began with the collaboration between the so-called ‘BOATMEN’ (a Vietnamese metaphor for teachers) In our early days, the four of us – all University of Education graduates, one in Chemistry and the other three in English Language, with two later on taking an MA degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) – joined one another to establish SET EDUCATION and IELTS Preparation Programs at SET. Our team members in the subsequent years also have a background in teaching. SET Education’s business mindset is therefore created on the foundation of teaching and knowledge sharing. The only factor that sets us apart is our aim: It is no longer the end of the course or the school year but rather the actual skills, qualifications, new lands, fresh challenges, and rewards. Despite such a humble start, SET Education has created a strong human asset through our dedication in helping customers. Indeed, human resources are indeed an asset of our organization, which is built on the basis of the early ‘boatmen’ and with time, speaks for our brand itself. Our principle is simple: we deliver to our customers only what we truly want for ourselves. That is to say, the schools we partner with, the courses and counseling services we offer are truly the best things we want for ourselves or our own children. Thanks to the efforts of our original members, SET Education has successfully built a 5-office system, with the 6th office well underway. The modest number of just over 10 representatives and university partners at the early stage has increased to hundreds of schools and institutes worldwide. From more than 10 programs, customers can now choose from a wide range of over 10,000 courses and programs available in different states and English-speaking countries. All is done for OUR DREAM OF REACHING NEW HORIZONS… We are also taking precaution in constructing our dreams to make the next chapters of our story intriguing yet realistic. Our ultimate goal is to set up a complete and professional operating system to reinforce our long-term reputation and reach a larger number of clients and partners. We dream about having our office opened in every major city of the developed English-speaking countries so that our students can be better taken care of. We dream about bringing our students more and more choices of destinations, education programs and valuable experiences for their exciting summer every year. We also believe that this dream of ours will definitely come true as our successors are all dedicated to writing the next chapters of the founders’ story – with the ‘BOATMAN’ MINDSET we have always promoted and on top of that, with the TRUST and SUPPORT of students and their parents. Ms. Tran Thi Phuong Binh and Mr. Nguyen Duc HaiCo-founders of SET Education

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