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Since March 2020, Covid 19 has raised challenges for many children and young people whose education has been disrupted. Parents and carers may have faced personal wellbeing challenges alongside supporting home learning, such as isolation or work stress. Many university undergraduates have missed out socially and educationally. Some of our graduate tutors have postponed their gap-years or career plans.

Whatever the case, our young people have been put at a disadvantage in their learning this year and may feel increased pressure with their studies. With the support of a private tutor, students can gain back missed time quickly, and regain confidence and control of their studies, putting them in a better position to succeed.

How can Champion Tutor help?

Inspired by a background in education and a track record of supporting the mental wellbeing of students, Founder Anna Coulson created Champion Tutor, to offer private one-to-one and group online tuition with a difference.

“Our tutors are not only equipped with the academic excellence that it takes to help your child realise their learning potential, they possess the emotional intelligence which allows them to embed positive growth mindset communication and emotional literacy in lessons.”

With 20years experience in education, Anna has worked tirelessly in pioneering a special approach to learning. Recognising that no two children are the same, a tutors’ bespoke approach to connecting with each individual learner and identify the way they learn, break down pre-existing barriers and inspire a thirst for learning.’
Champion’s ethos is simple: to give students the precise support they need to reach highly aspirational goals, delivered by tutors with the intuition to assist their positive mental wellbeing.


At Champion Tutor, we know the importance of positive mental health and wellbeing, and how it’s linked to success in education. Our track record in helping children and young people from a wide range of backgrounds to reach their academic potential, and to achieve personal wellbeing goals, has helped pupils’ self-confidence to flourish, and prevented school exclusion for children with severe social, emotional, and mental health needs. Our tutors are equipped with the intuition and training to support positive mental health, and identify and break down the barriers that young people have with learning.


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